young girl let me advise you, just go have sex

Jana I went to hospital in real pain. My left leg is so painful. I was sure ni kitu kama fibroids ama worse.

I get the first scan, nothing! I get another one, nothing. The scan guy looked at me in my pain and told me “young girl let me advise you just go have sex” kurudi kwa daktari, he saw the results and laughed. He told me the same thing.

Sasa my question is, where do you bend your rules. The rules you put for yourself to guide.? Should I break them all together?

I wanted to get sex in a relationship not this hit and run things but I’ve not found my guy yet.
Sasa tebu give your thought and experiences.





FM:Acha kutupima wazimu.

Kiyesu:Well you could as well live with the pain or chose to get it over with.

Brian 009:Mamayao let her reach me, maybe we can create something, i might be that guy. want a serious thing too, hehehe

jamdeh:Wewe unakataa dawa

Cobra:Lakini unaitwa brayo ??


Mwembe Tayari:Brayo is that you ??

Me Myself n’ I isolating:When was the last leg pain? Meaning your service is once per… ? Boychild will be trapped in a relationship and only get it once in a leg pain?

kernel panic:Akionja hatarudi nyuma ?

Brian 009:Hehehe ni jina tu nothing much.??????

Sweet A:I had migraines, the doc told me to get pregnant itaisha?…n sahizo am not even dating

Quantum Mechanics:Anitafute nimpatie miti shamba.

Me Myself n’ I isolating: Miti Shamba ni? Mti ya jamaa strong wa kulima? Ama ni green lodge shambani?

vyckie:Can someone please explain to me how leg pain is associated with sex??please

Quantum Mechanics:The later

Hanta:haha….wait until she gets its….Tutaona akipost hapa ati amekuwa na addiction ya sex

Mzito mwenyewe:Hahahaha be nice

Ala kumbe Kuna mambo huku
So pia nikapimwe kiuono maybe the doktari will recommend nipige mtu jiti?

zil zil:?????

Kay Kay:Your name betrays you.

Ule Msee:???…..waaaa si umemtoa timing

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