What’s your story with regards to COVID-19??

It all started with general headaches during a 14 hour shift. Anyone would relate it to long working hours and the workload..

General body malaise, and nausea later became evident. In a few days , anosmia had set in. I had lost my sense of smell and everything around me smelt like air. On 13.5.2020 i decided to get tested for covid 19 and my fears were confirmed… I had tested positive for covid 19.

As they say, be the kind of a nurse you would like to attend to you as a patient. I was definately on the receiving end of care and i had to self isolate but thankfully throughout this recovery journey i have had just mild symptoms.

I experienced chills and fatigue thereafter. Its been crazy eating things that you cant even smell nor taste. Just as my patients would say, “everything tasted like cardboard”.
I thank God i am in good health now.

To all nurses out there, lets do what we do best, we will survive this.
To the general public, stay safe, sanitize, keep your Distance

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