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What’s the future for OLED TVs technology?

OLED is an expensive panel technology that has finally managed to gain traction after spending so long as an outlier..

Now we are seeing plenty of stunning OLED models hitting the market, even if price points are still taking an age to drop within reach of regular consumers.

But just because OLED isn’t affordable yet, doesn’t mean it’s not getting better. A $1,600 / £1,200 price tag isn’t what we would consider budget, but it’s a great deal cheaper than what OLED was retailing for even just a year ago.

That trend is always going to be good news for the consumer, though manufacturers may have other things in mind.

The tech is very much in development, but when it arrives, it could meld the competing QLED and OLED technologies and render previous methods of production obsolete.

Those are obviously grand claims, just as we always hear during political moods and campaigns.

We are yet to see these new hypothetical panels put to use; but we will be sure to keep you in the loop as it does or doesn’t happen.




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