BY Hon: Ndindi Nyoro-Kiharu MP

To all the Hustlers still stuck with Dynasties, we welcome you back home.

Those people are users, and believe we are all their slaves. If you didn’t attend posh schools like St Mary’s, you remain un – Schooled according to them.

If you’re not an heir or heiress of a former high ranking government official, you remain uncouth, unpolished and a barbarian.

Their idea of a patriotic and loyal ally is a person who can always be bought with money or silenced with threats and intimidation.

To them, Kenya ni yao and every other person is only around to say “Yes Sir” and clap to their crap.

To them, corruption is when a Hustler buys 1/4 an acre to build a house but stealing thousands of acres is just reallocation of resources, anyway, everything in Kenya ni yao and we must always be grateful for the opportunity to enjoy what is theirs.

When they steal through policies and strangling entire sectors like mobile lending and others like agribusiness, we must not speak about it.

BTW, Safaricom PLC must one day bring to public all their agreements on mobile lending. 40% unbelievably benefit a few people through pure conflict of interest.

The fact that when poor Kenyans borrows from Fuliza or Mshwari benefits them is just heartbreaking. All this they do while pretending to be paragons of civility.

To them, leadership is a birthright and we owe it to them. They wonder how Hustler Mwai Kibaki slipped through and they count it as “lost time”.

That’s why they must prepare another one of their own to take over soon (Beringo ya Keti).

Anyway, to all Hustlers, if you don’t drink with them, used as an accessory by them, steals for them, you are just a useless “small person” to them.

Return home where we may not have much but there’s warmth and RESPECT.

Karibuni nyote to the HUSTLER NATION where we believe in possibility based on abilities and not patronage and kin selection.

And to them, they can keep the land, keep the money and all factors of production they’ve stolen.

But they must let us BE and respect ALL KENYANS: If the lawlessness they have created by corrupting and collapsing our institutions will not claim back what they have stolen from us.

We are African and Africa is our Business..



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