Weighty Trucks of death

The killing of foreign truck drivers along Juba-Nimule road that caused a lot of uproar from truck drivers along east Africa, is still being highly condemned with truck drivers’ representatives having a meeting to ensure their security or else bring to a halt the transportation of crucial goods to the land locked countries.

The barbaric act that occurred a few weeks ago saw the shooting of the foreign truck drivers and torching of their trucks with the goods they were carrying onboard.

Days later two mechanics were shot dead at the Juba-Mundri road in West Equitoria state coming from Bar-El-Hazad to Juba.

The killings caused immediate protest from Freight Forwarders Association and Business Community (SSFA).

Its chairman from South Sudan Emmanuel Kachoul, condemned the killing saying the authorities from the affected countries, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are working together to bring the perpetrators to book.

The truck driver representative from Kenya who sort anonymity says that apart from insecurity in the roads, there are a lot of corruption through illegal payments and bribes along police posts and other boundary officials who have made their hustle almost profitless.

Currently the situation in most parts of South Sudan is that goods have become expensive and the market prices for basic commodities are high and wuld force some to closing shop and lacking profits.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation County Director in South Sudan Meshack Malo, the year 2020 only saw the country imports about 875,000 metric tonnes of food mainly from East Africa.

With the ongoing negotiations to ensure the safety of the truck drivers on the road, it is purported that the government of South Sudan might have reached an agreement with the truck drivers to have their armies respectively escort the truck drivers, an idea the Kenyan truck representative says is also a way to mint from them.

The new arrangement will see Ugandan army escort the Ugandan truck drivers to Juba from Elegu and then the other South Sudanese army escorts them back.

However, the South Sudanese peoples defense forces acting spokesman Santo Domnic, says he is not privy to the new development.

About 200 trucks cross to South Sudan from Uganda border of Elegu daily, exporting goods worth 11bilions Ugandan Shilings per month.

Alvis Ice
Author: Alvis Ice


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