We still see him Writing motivational messages on social media

My elder sister met this young and upcoming photographer and they “fell in love”.

Apparently he was doing well for himself and even drive a Merc guzzler. Kumbe this man’s lifestyle, and the car was being financed by another lady ???. Aist these sons of Zacheus.

Anyway, the other lady is an older spinster and when she noticed that he was using her resources to see somebody else, she withdrew his privileges.

The guy went into a manic depressive episode and guess who nursed him back to health; My sister ??.

With her small salary, he convinced her “Mzee hawezi kaa nyumbani and she took a loan into the hundreds of thousands to buy him photography equipment.

When he went back to work, he met another lady in the catering circuit, he started cheating on my sister with her, again because of money.

She was financing his fine lifestyle. This other lady got pregnant, and guess how my sister found out, this guy did a pregnancy shoot for her ????? and She found out on Instagram.

We only discovered that this man was a user when the three women connected dots ?. Life is indeed understood in retrospect. We still see him around. Writing motivational messages on social media ???


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