She wants to particulate and eat me by force

Hey admin,

I have been reading people’s posts and I believe it’s my turn. Please hide my identity though.

I have this girl who is in her final year at some university. We started our relationship as friends and she even told me that she wasn’t ready for a relationship till after finishing campus.

A month later, she started referring to me as her boyfriend and later, her hubby. This got me quite uncomfortable and I warned her.

Fast forward, we have been in a relationship for almost a year. A month back, on a chilly morning, she texted that she was on her way to my house. I wasn’t ready for that and I lied to her that I wasn’t at my crib, which got her sad and disappointed.

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I felt bad about it and told her that I was kidding. She came and spent two nights before leaving for school. Of course it was against my will and I asked her many times to leave, indirectly though.

After leaving, she started being too connected: texting each and every time, calling, posting my pictures and talking about our future together.

A month after the encounter, which was 4 days ago, she texted that she missed me terribly and wanted to come for the weekend. I frankly told her “No” even though it made her very sad.

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The next day, she called saying she had missed her periods and that she was going for a checkup. She called 30 minutes later that the pregnancy results tested positive. I was very shocked; I couldn’t speak until the next day.

On the other hand, she seems to be good with it. She says that schooling can wait, even though she could have graduated next year. In fact, she thanked me several times.

When I said that I wasn’t ready, she replied that she will not kill her child and she’s ready to face the consequences.

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It’s not like I cannot care for her and the kid. I had decided to distance myself from commitments after my last relationship.

I had set my financial and social goals and was going to achieve them but now I’m trapped in this situationship. I’m confused and would appreciate any help.


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