These are the true colours of a cheating husband that will never change

Hi Admin, please hide my identity. I started dating this guy in December 2016. Ever since we started dating he has been cheating on me; whenever I find out, he breaks up with them, and gets another one.

Whenever I propose a break up, he doesn’t want. He tells me he will change and that I should give him some more time because he wants a future with me.

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Last year 2019, we broke up and it took 5 months apart. But early November, he came back to me and told me to get back together with him that he has changed. We have been fine and he even told me I can give him a child if I want to, because he will marry me.

Sad thing is that I came to realize that he’s still cheating on me with the same lady from last year. I don’t know what to do. I love him so much. He keeps saying that I should give him more time.

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He wants me to keep him, be with him that he loves me yet he’s cheating on me. Please advise me, I’m on my lowest point.

Sometimes I just wish I could just forget him and start a fresh with a serious guy but then he keeps telling me that I should fight for our love and that I should not leave him.

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Alvis Ice
Author: Alvis Ice


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