Few tips on Food presentation

The sweetness of food is not only about how you prepared them, the ingredients you added or the recipe itself, but also how you decorate them as you serve to your guest or family.

Below are some best tips on how to serve or present your food to that special person(s):

1) Meat always comes on bottom of plate
2) Starch goes on the left
3) Vegetables or salad on the right side.
4) Sauce is usually on the right nd not covering the meat
5) Plain coloured plates are most ideal for presenting food especially white.Platters are trending now.
6) Your plate must be a contrast of colours that compliment each other.Remember you eat with your eyes first.
7)You must have a variety of textures in the plate
8) Food must not be far apart from each other.Remember cooking is an art.

Elves Delz
Author: Elves Delz


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