There are only 7 Counties in Mt. Kenya

There are 7 Counties in Mt. Kenya : Meru, Embu, Nyeru, Kirinyag, Murang’a, Tharaka Nithii, Kiambu right?

Murang’a – 35 Wards
Kirinyags – 20 Wards
Nyeri – 30 Wards
Embu – 18 Wards
Meru – 45 Wards
Kiambu – 58 Wards
Tharaka Nithii – 15 Wards
Total. ==========
221 Wards

The five Counties in total have only 221 MCAs.

So when someone tells us that 550 sijui Ngapi MCA’s “ã Mt. Kenya” Region

a) attended the meeting and
b) endorsed the #BBJ project

…..What exactly are we being expected to believe?

That :

a) Mt. Kenya’s Wards have 3 (three) Ward Representatives each? or :

b) Mt. Kenya MCAs are so fat each individual is counted twice? Or :

c) There are more ghost Counties in Mt. Kenya than we know? Or

d) Mt. Kenya MCAs failed to attend in numbers and Kibicho’s Team were assigned to hide that fact and in their quest over-exaggerated on the task, inadvertently revealing the truth?

If you ask me, I will say (d).

It’s just hilarious to say 500+ MCAs in a Region of 148 MCAs attended a meeting.

Who are the other 329 individuals surely?

If you must lie to LIE, then you lie because there is no reality to what you are saying.

Should we conclude #SaganaII was a flop?

Anyway, hongera to the unknown 329 MCAs on your ghostly existence.?‍?


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