There are 3 categories of Ruto supporters

1. Beneficiaries – Those who support Ruto because of the money they get in return.

These men and women may be on some monthly allowance or enjoying the packs that come with being close to the DP.

While very few, they are the most vocal!

Sadly, they’ll leave Ruto without thinking twice should the money tap dry or if they get a better offer.

2. The Afadhali Ruto group – Those who support Ruto because they don’t like the available alternatives.

They most definitely are still shopping for a presidential candidate, but until then, they are saying Afadhali Ruto

You can trust them to drop support for Ruto immediately they find a “better option”

3. Loyalists – These believe in both Ruto the man and his common man first narrative.

Most if not all do not know Ruto at personal level and may never meet him, but their support is unwavering.

They want Ruto to be president and TRULY have his back. Expect them to go into the trenches with Ruto should it come to that.

Funnily, the first group looks down upon the 3rd group and always ignores the second group.

Why? Because the first group believe, access to the DP makes them superior to all other supporters.

They are always right, especially when they are wrong and arrogance is their middle name!

Now the question remains Which one are you??????

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