Just Four days ago, on my usual hustling day, I end up coming home very late. On my coming I joined a vehicle which I sat beside a married woman.

We all ended up sleeping so we got to the last stop of the bus only for the woman to realised she has missed her route.

From Naivasha to Nairobi. So based on this she had no money to rent a quest house so we need to see what we can do.

The saddest part was her phone too was off so I had to give her my phone to call few family friends.

I don’t know whether she called the husband or not. She was just sad and worried so I gave her two options, one was she come i get her a place to sleep or she take a place then i pay. She opted to go with me. In fact I was was also scared but took the risk to do my God willing requirement.

It was my own fathers house and we live there alone but my parents were asleep because it was very late.

I offered this help then I took her to a bus station early morning to pick a car home. The end of the story is, now the husband is not believing the wife and as at now that am posting this, the husband has not called to find out if it’s true not even to say thank you.

She complained to me that the husband lashed her for sleeping at my place. I tried checking up on her but she won’t talk to me…

Is there a chance that i did something wrong ?

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