The petty reasons you were rejected

Have you ever fallen in love with someone?

Did you eventually end up in a relationship or you did not have the courage to let that person know how you felt?

Well the most unfortunate thing to happen to a pumping heart in love is being rejected. This often happens in life. People have different things they admire in life, and not all get all they want.

Am about to share some of the reasons people gave on a certain survey concerning why one was rejected by a person they so admired.

Go through them, and see maybe if you can get your answer because we all have a fantasy list at some stage in life, yes as far as falling in love is concerned. We have our silent admirers and we have people we hopelessly crush on.

1. I don’t date short guys:

This is the situation especially with tall ladies who are yet to understand love knows no measure.

Also applicable to short ladies, who feel like they want to have a boost in their next generation. Here clearly you have your answer.

2. The guys used to reverse calls:

Now this is what we all should be aware; it takes time to start showing how broke or in debt you are.

The first stages are a no deep exposure stage. Be frank enough but smart enough. Issues finances are a deal breaker even if the love was 99% it will drain to 9%.

3. Braggers:

This is a no in a relationship, be real and sincere, come down to earth and do not start showing off your wealth or your relatives’ wealth to someone over.

Some fall in love because of your hard work not because of your wealth. Tame the bragging.

4. Night snoring:

Is a deal breaker to some partners who are not patient enough to stick around and find a solution to it. Some even sleep very late and some wet their beds. Can love withstand that?

5. Rumor believer:

This are the type of people who will always believe what others say about their partner and forget they were in a relationship with one person not people.

6. Dressing code:

some are sensitive to fashion and would just not want to be associated with your fashion style.

Some people prefer to not start teaching you how to dress but to find someone who knows how to. some men do not like ladies who put on trousers.

7. Dreadlocks:

This hair style has confused more, some take it as being of an unfit up bringing, with negative influences.

While both genders have embraced it, it will take an exposed person to understand that its something easy and normal.

8. Anger/ temper:

You are not entitled to your partner yet in the first stages. Do not start demanding for shares you never calculated.

If you cannot control yourself then you are not ready for a relationship. Plus its always great to be open. If you do not like someone, then stop with the side drama.

9. Illiteracy:

Try your best to approach partners your level at least. Very few relationships survive as far as illiteracy is concerned. Try and be exposed. It gives you courage and boating rights.

10. Religion:

This is clearly one of the components to the survival of a relationship. You cannot fight with what one believes in, especially if the person is not flexible.

11. Too much love:
Well, some partners prefer to always get some challenge, do not be too much available. Do not always agree with everything your partner says, you can`t be the same, there has to be something different. This doesn’t mean you start looking for unnecessary senseless wars.

12. Sagging trousers:

Is a no to some ladies, it shows immaturity to them and just does not go down well with them. Especially those from conservative backgrounds.

13. Cuming faster than expected.

Well depends on your procedure of pleasure, but that was one of the reasons someone was left.

Unfortunately, what people do not know is that if its your first experience together one might have anticipated for it and cums before a certain time.

14. Complainer:

Sometimes its good to be real, yes but too much of it spoils it all. Try and listen to yourself.

Do not mistreat others when you are with your partner, they are monitoring how you behave around people. Be yourself do not appear special and bossy. Calm down.

15. Being stingy:

This is one of the most complicated point because it involves money. I do not support defrauding a man because he is in love, and vise versa.

Look into your spending expenditure yourself. Were you not surviving before you met? Go out on dates where your budget suits the both of you, not unless one partner decides to just soil you.

16. Pettiness:

Some partners are petty over minor things they are used to in their homes, but because it is about impressing, they pretend they cannot do some minor things.

17. Cooking:

It is important that we know how to go about this point. Some ladies cannot cook but that does not make them lesser women.

Some men can cook and love doing it. Unless you looking for a cook go to a cooking college. Teach each other how to go by, because this is a deal breaker to some.

18. Cultural practices:

Circumcision tops the list, cattle rustling, male chauvinism, female genital mutilation, witchcraft all these are deal breakers too. Unless either partner chooses to look beyond.

19. Dictators:

Some partners leave because of your family backgrounds. If your family appears to be the ones making major decisions, it is definitely known in the village thus the reputation is already tainted.

20. Etiquette:

Your reputation will earn you a partner. How we eat matters too, the table manners we display effortlessly shows if one is exposed or not.

Portions too matter. No one wants someone who over indulges. Probably this is why you were left.

21. Cleanliness:

Is next to godliness, always be neat, from your dental care, how you dress and put on some good perfume, at most smell good.

22. Nagging:

No one wants someone nagging, but then differentiate nagging and communicating. Some partners see solving issues as being too much and nagging.

Some see it as being a nuisance. Every relationship needs peace, learn to communicate.

23. Being easy:

Have some class, have some swag, have some control. Rome was not built in a day though all the materials were available.

Plan your life well, keep busy and have a specific plan to play your role in a relationship.

24. Chewing:

To many it’s a sign of illiteracy. If necessary, chew with your mouth shut, do not bubble for everyone to hear.

25. Too much talking:

This is different from nagging. Regulate the amount of talking especially before someone you are trying to impress.

Be careful what you say, some may like it some may not. Always let your partner know your like and dislikes.

26. Low standard of living:

Some were brought up in the best homes and compounds while some struggled to get their and some are still trying.

While some might look at your living standards some will be keen on how to handle the situation and give you room. This is way beyond our present situations at times, but love wins.

27. Brokenness:

Money plays a key role in life. I pray you find an understanding partner.

28. Romance:

Talk about this before it ruins everything. Trust me this is the climax of a relationship. Learn how to be romantic if you want to grow in a relationship.

29. Vibes:

Always know how to strike a conversation and keep it going, do not appear boring. Do not also appear to talk too much.

Be moderate and yet entertaining. Learn what new partners like talking about. Take advantage to know this partner in the first stages because this is when you will know everything, love at first stages is stupid indeed you will be told every truth and lie.

30. Lots of lies:

Do not use lies if you want to win someone over. Frankly this world is small and with new technology you will be discovered easily. Nothing as bad as a person who lies.

31. Attention:

You want to win someone; ensure you give the necessary attention to seal the deal. Do not assume anything. A partner agreeing to your proposal also wants your time.

32. Political party/ football team:

Some fall out of love because of their political affiliations. This is petty but yet serious. Same to the football team they support.

The list is endless. Am sure you have maybe identified why it ended. Am sorry, I hope you found true love, if not I pray you find true love.


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