The evolution of work apparel

Some of the earliest professions began wearing occupational uniforms in the 16th century, so it is no surprise that the character of occupational apparel has changed significantly.

Improvements in fabric technology such as moisture-wicking controls have greatly enhanced the breathability and wearability of employee apparel.

Additionally, Millennials are becoming prevalent in the workforce and they want garments that are fashionable. As a result, more and more work apparel programs include solutions that reflect retail trends, allowing for personal expression while retaining functionality.

Work attire impacts workers’ confidence and productivity, making it crucial for employers to provide a work apparel program that best suits their staff.

In fact, a recent study revealed that hospitality employees ranked comfort, overall fit, functionality, appropriateness for the job role and the upkeep as the top five most important features in work apparel.

To choose the best apparel program for your organization, it’s important to understand the newest innovations in work attire and what today’s employees are seeking out.

Innovative Design

Because costume plays an essential role in a business’ image and impacts employee morale, it is important to ensure each employee has the proper garments that fit their job function.

When a garment is comfortable and performs well, the wearer feels great. In fact, research has shown that how you look affects how you feel.

Today, modern work apparel programs have evolved and expanded, offering companies retail-inspired garments.

Recent innovations in apparel now allow employees to look professional while enhancing productivity.

By partnering with a reputable apparel provider, you can work with experienced designers who have expertise in implementing these key innovative qualities into your apparel program:

Lightweight yet durable. Lightweight used to mean weak, easily-torn fabric. Thanks to advancements in technology, lightweight fabric and apparel performs well under pressure while still ensuring the wearer feels comfortable.

Enhanced flexibility. Many employees spend their workday in constant motion, from cleaning floors to helping guests, making it crucial for their attire to bend, stretch and move with them. To avoid rips and tears, seek out apparel that includes a mechanical stretch so that fibers won’t break down after multiple uses.

Moisture management. Long gone are the days of heavy, uncomfortable clothing. Many apparel programs now feature moisture wicking options by using cooling mesh and high-tech fabrics.

No matter the weather, all hard workers want and deserve work apparel that helps them feel clean and fresh throughout the day.

Versatile and fashionable. When workers don’t feel good about what they’re wearing, it can have a substantial impact on employee morale and productivity, so it’s important to consider retail-inspired designs that are versatile.

Today’s work apparel programs feature customized colors, silhouettes, and functional elements to ensure the employee uniforms feel good throughout the day.

Endless options. The industry’s best providers are developing cutting-edge styles, textiles and functional designs that may not fit your traditional image of a uniform, but bring great value and purpose to your employees.

In a world run by personal style, it’s important to consider offering employees a variety of options, sizes and styles.

Some workers are more comfortable in pants while others prefer skirts and dresses. Some employees may prefer modern designs while others like more conservative styles.

A properly fitted employee has a unique opportunity to elevate the company’s brand image by portraying a reliable and impressive image to customers.

It’s essential to seek out an apparel program that not only represents your brand, but can grow and adapt with your hardworking staff.

The Future of Workplace Fashion

Due to increased competition, many businesses are using their image to create a competitive advantage, which includes investing in employee apparel.

The future of fashion includes cutting-edge styles, textiles and functional designs, but it also factors in the critical need for comfort and customization.

With a highly competitive job market, companies are also becoming more creative with how they attract employees, including Millennials.

The world of work apparel is now making room for employee wants and needs. In return, advanced work apparel programs with numerous options and styles provides a business with peace of mind by ensuring apparel will stand up to daily wear and tear, while also keeping employees happy and productive throughout the workday.

To ensure the employees who represent your brand are putting their best image forward, many businesses work closely with their apparel provider to design a customized program that fits their needs and includes fashionable and flexible apparel options.

So don’t be surprised if you see more and more garments that are similar to what you’d find in most Millennials’ closets.



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