Teresia Wanjiku: Am Making Mats To Raise My Collage Fees

Meet 24-year-old Teresia Wanjiku. She is making mats in order to raise her fees to be able to join college and pursue food and nutrition.

Teresia a form four leaver since 2016 has been working at his brother`s shop in Bondeni village Eldama Ravine Town.

She says whenever the shop is not busy, she is busy trying to make as many mats as possible to meet her client’s deadline and save for school an art she started during the pandemic 2020.

She makes door, table, bedside and house mats and small mats for wall decorations together with bottle flowers.

According to her, the mats are made from sucks, kneaded clothes or on plastic depending on the client’s orders.

For her unique bottle flowers, she used soda bottles or wind bottles together with the strings used to wrap bails together, these strings she says she has asked a friend in the market not to dispose them but keep them for her.

Her expertise she says she learnt from a friend and also googled to learn more on how to make her work stand out.

Her valentine bottle flowers are ready and affordable, her mats too depend on size and design that the client chooses. She says she has sold over 15 mats so far.

“my main challenge is time, sometimes I have to put on more time at night to beat the client`s deadline, the other challenge is not every decoration you make is bought so I have to wait for the clients to give me their choice of color” says Teresia Wanjiku

Teresia says the little salary her brother pays her for running his shop is not enough to save for fees, thus the hustle.

She hopes one day if she does not go to school to have her own shop where she makes mats and flower bottles and focus on building it.

If Teresia is lucky to join college, she will need to study for 1 years to earn a certificate with each month costing Ksh 3,200.

For three years to earn a Diploma in one of Kenya`s esteemed institute with fees of approximately not more than Ksh 90,000 per semester.

As to when her flower bottles costing Ksh 300 and her mats varying from 1000 onwards, Teresia says she is not afraid of competition because her creativity is top notch.

Who will make her dreams come true? Till then she is optimistic that her coins will count.

Alvis Ice
Author: Alvis Ice


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