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It is Monday morning, a market day, hundreds if not thousands of residents are flocking in and out to buy fresh vegetables and clothes, some utensils and even pass time going round the market at Eldama Ravine Market, in Eldama Ravine Sub County of Baringo County.

Eldama Ravine market days are usually on Monday and Thursday from 6 a.m to 6 p.m and are held at the Show Ground quite a distance from town where a modern market is being expanded.

Apart from loading goods to come and sell every Monday and Thursdays’, business women and men here do not have to worry about their comfort.

Meet Ronald Koech and Dennis Kosgei. They supply white plastic chairs every early morning at Ksh 10 a day.

This morning their 300 chairs were not enough and had to go and add some which still were not enough.

Koech and Kosgei and their fellow business man supply over 700 plastic chairs by mobilizing the business women and men to a picking point and hey would later come collect the payment, although some prefer to pay immediately, some even opt to pay later when business is good.

Koech has been doing this business for two years. He says ten shillings is a fair price, he also has to pay for fuel to and from his store, pay the normal County council rate of 80 shillings per market day, pay his employee and rent too.

Koech and Kosgei, own a tent and seats hiring business too called Densther, where they work for the rest of the days of the week. They hire out their seats then.

Though some view the Ksh 10 as expensive, they have opted to sit on sucks, while some bring their seats from home to save cost, thus the colored seats.

Mama Francis, one of the clothes vendors, uses Ksh 20 a day for two seats, hers and her employee, she says she would rather be in good health rather than harm her back over Ksh 10.

She is happy that the two came up with the idea, though she says you also need to book in advance if one is going to come in late.

Kosgei says that every business has a challenge, in one market day damages are bound to happen and would get one or two broken chairs left broken, thus the evident shortage today.

Koech says the gains are encouraging too as he is able to fend for himself and his family, create employment, he even bought a motorcycle to help ease his transport cost.

Hustle, a now famous political word. For Densther shop, it has existed from way back, their experience they say, has taught them to stay afloat and every hustle always complements the other and no one should give up.

This hustle, is what you have to bare in mind next time you bargain in Eldama Ravine market.

That ten shillings means a lot to that business person too, putting aside the county council fee, breakfast, lunch and transportation of goods after the days work.

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