By Janet Kiriswo

Lake Bogoria (formerly Lake Hannington) is a salinealkaline lake that lies in a volcanic region in a half-graben basin south of Lake BaringoKenya, a little north of the equator.

Lake Bogoria, like Lake NakuruLake Elementeita, and Lake Magadi further south in the Rift Valley, and Lake Logipi to the north, is home at times to one of the world’s largest populations of lesser flamingos.

The lake is a Ramsar site and Lake Bogoria National Reserve has been a protected National Reserve since November 29, 1973. Lake Bogoria is shallow (about 10 m depth), and is about 34 km long by 3.5 km wide, with a drainage basin of 700 km2. It is Located in Baringo County.

Local features include the Kesubo Swamp to the north and the Siracho Escarpment to the east, both within the National Reserve.

The lake is also famous for geysers and hot springs along the bank of the lake and in the lake.

In four locations around the lake can be observed at least 10 geysers, which erupt up to 5 m high.

Geyser activity is affected by the fluctuations of lake level, which may inundate or expose some geysers.

The lake waters contain large concentrations of Na+, HCO3 and CO32− ions. They originate from inflow from the Sandai and Emsos rivers, and from about 200 alkaline hot springs that are present at three onshore sites: Loburu, Chemurkeu, and a southern group (Ng’wasis, Koibobei, Losaramat).

Other springs discharge directly from the lake floor. Lake Bogoria also contains the highest concentration of true geysers in Africa (at least 18 are known).

The lake waters are alkaline (pH:10.5) and saline (up to 100 g/L total dissolved salts).

The lake has no surface outlet so the water becomes saline mainly through evaporation, which is high in this semi-arid region.

The lake itself is meromictic (stratified) with less dense surface waters lying on a denser more saline bottom waters.

Although hypersaline, the lake is highly productive with abundant cyanobacteria (Arthrospira fusiformis) that feed the flamingoes, but few other organisms inhabit the lake e.g. the monogonont rotifer species Brachionus sp. Austria (belonging to the Brachionus plicatilis cryptic species complex) is found in high densities.

The lake has not always been saline. Sediment cores from the lake floor have shown that freshwater conditions existed for several periods during the past 10 000 years, and that lake level was up to 9 m higher than its present elevation of about 990 m.

At times it might have overflowed northward towards Lake Baringo. At times, during the late Pleistocene it might have been united with a larger precursor of modern Lake Baringo, but this is still uncertain.

The lake was formerly named after Bishop James Hannington who visited in 1885.

The lake area was the traditional home of the Endorois people, who were forced to leave the area in the 1970s and are now challenging their removal at the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Hotel accommodation is available near Loboi village at the north end of the lake. Camping is permitted at the southern end of the lake (see North Lewis, 1998, for details)

A few minutes from the Lake Bogoria is a beautiful heaven of a Spa Lake Bogoria Spa and Resort, in Baringo county which plays host to both domestic and International tourism, offering you an environment to enjoy temperatures of between 27 °c|°f.

The signature drink upon your arrival is a smoothy from the farm across the resort a blend from a secret recipe, banking on their farm produce to serve clients, the region around known from its best nyama choma (Kenyan roasted meat) has expanded the needs of its clients with the establishment of a choma runch at one end of the resort where domestic walk-in tourist can enjoy their free time with family.

The hot Spa in Bogoria Resort temperatures vary from 36°C to 39°C, and is open to clients even at night offering privacy and time for reflection.

The hot spa area has a salon and a children play ground section enclosed to ensure family members are within. The long path ways direct you to a private tent providing alternative place for reflection and self-evaluation, book reading to mention a few.

To sports lovers, team buildings from different countries, learning institutions and the corporate world are sorted with a Valley ball pitch, badminton table, and other sports, the gym facility around too provides a variety of exercising machines.

The early mornings too, for walking, there is vast environment for that to watch the rising sun, watch the small monkeys make runs around, ostrich watch, tortoises and the endless birds chirping.

The Lake Bogoria Spa and Resort too offers you a place to host your memorable events. The bed capacity is 95 with classy accommodations to those of presidential suites, room number seven was the late President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi’s favorite place to sleep reflect and relax with the hot Spa being his favorite happy place.

Contrary to opinions the rates are friendly and discounted by 30% due to the pandemic.

Managed by Lydia Dentewo, an accomplished hotelier and a graduate from Utalii college with Bachelor of commerce and MBA from the University of Nairobi. Lydia is a Board member Kenya Ports Authority (KPA).

For more information, bookings and inquiries info@lakebogoria-hotel.com or reservations@lakebogoris-hotel.com

Author: Correspondent


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