Have you sometimes felt unfortunate?

Praise the living God.
Have you sometimes felt unfortunate. Have you looked at the lives of your former classmates or even your cousins and felt like you are nothing compared to them.

Matthew 9:1-8 talks of a paralytic whom some people carried to the feet of Jesus and seeing their faith Jesus told the sick man that his sins were forgiven thus he should take up his mat and go home.


There are many paralytics around us. Those who need our assistance. There are yet those who have great potential but who have not been brought to the fore front. Those who people have dismissed may just be lacking the opportunity.
If these people did not take the sick man to Jesus he would have remained their problem for life.
We are called to carry people to the feet of Jesus either by prayers or witnessing. Someone needs to hear today “your sins are forgiven. Take your mat and go home” but only if we do something about them.

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Then let us ask our self “what is our role in that person’s life? There is always hope for the hopeless. If you can lend a hand, kindly do it without straining, it may one day pay off.

Of course, others were indignant, but a difference had been made in someone’s life.
May we have a people centred life. Blessed day all


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