SOMA na Bonga course for all teachers in Kenya

By Janet Kiriswo

Kenya Women Teachers Association (KEWOTA), has done it again with its promise to be innovative in all aspects, teachers under the association will be able to pay fees via an initiative Soma na Bonga (#SOMAnaBonga), after a negotiation to make 4000 courses available to all its members countrywide wherever they are posted, this time it is ensuring all teachers undergo a COVID-19 Course to know how to protect themselves at work.

KEWOTA Chief Executive OFFICER Benta Opande, has revealed that with 500 Kenyan shillings equals 10GB of bundles, a teacher will afford to undertake a course at the teacher`s place of comfort and finally a branded certificate, made successful in partnership is with safaricom plc and Rezial HR.

The CEO Ms Opande, has said that the ministry of health keeps equipping the frontline soldiers on how to protect themselves and has sidelined teachers, thus the need to introduce amongst the courses the first course of Covid -19, being he first in EAST Africa.

The teachers will be notified monthly on the various courses to undertake from four thousand courses set to equip and empower the teacher on various fields as being technologically updated, resume writing, conducting of interview among others.

The CEO Ms Opande, thanking all the Regional Coordinators for their unwavering support has also prepared them for the task ahead to ensure smooth flow of the implementations of innovative ideas that KEWOTA has vowed to undertake together with the agendas set to be met.

The most notable KEWOTA Agenda, number four, being to ensure girl child empowerment and female teachers’ empowerment to change the narrative of `women being their own enemies` to women are their own friends.

Ms. Opande has insisted that they are not in competition with any Teachers union and members of either KNUT or KUPPET, though the members of either union are invited to join in. She insists that KEWOTA is neither interested in politics.

KEWOTA women leaders normally have sessions to interact with women and empower them, gift them with sanitary towels, also works with authorities to rescue girls from gender violence and early marriages, also rescue women from domestic violence.

Teachers under the association are well aware that anything started with women attracts attention, some of the challenges is being ridiculed, they are motivated to always move on as everything good comes with a price.

The association through its coordinators has also changed lives of retired teachers, needy women in the society, ensured a conducive environment for the girlchild and also eradicated poverty through provisions of tanks to enhance livelihoods in remote areas of Kenya.

The association disclosed this to its members during a press meeting held on 19th January, 2021.


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