She is from a very distinctive family and she is respected a lot

Hi Admin, conceal my ID. A friend showed me this awesome platform and for so long been having holding in something.

I’m a girl doing my masters right now but I met this girl so many years ago. We are both from very powerful rich families.

But hers is way better off. I have been brought up in a Christian way even though our parents have never really there in our lives because of their occupation.

This girl had a girlfriend who was my friend too but later died some years back. We both ended up together.

This girl is always the kind who never get attached to anyone. Her girlfriend died telling her she loved her but she never told her she loved her at all to her very death as much as they seemed to be together.

When I was with her it was the same thing and I thought that’s how she is. We would have crazy fun together but we had a very weird kind of thing.

Like we would go party hard and end up sharing a girl with her for our fun. She is the crazy kind and I loved it.

I knew “I had her” as I thought. And we would have people staring because we were crazy friends to them.

But sometimes she would say she’s going for a party and wouldn’t let me come with but I let her be. And those very nights she would be back and would really have painful sex but it was the good kind and I loved it.

Rough but I enjoyed it. She was never the kind to talk about what is going on with her and after the good sex she would leave.

Unlike what many do, she really hated the cuddles. I never minded. And with years she seemed to just fade away to herself.

Like she wasn’t there anymore though, she would still insist on more fun. Do coke, lots of ecstasies and all with her which she would mostly bring.

I have to say it was fun been with her. I actually saw my life with her at the end of it all. But some years later, I have come to know she deals with very dangerous people and she is like at the top of the food chain with them.

And early this year, something went wrong and she would come back her clothes stained of blood. Not hers but someone else’s. It scared me honestly.

But she has this wall around her she rather chooses silence than ever talk about it and her temper isn’t really the best of her.

She is from a very distinctive family and she is respected a lot. She lets you see and know her for what she shows you and those are what I knew her for.

But this other part of her life is wrecked but she hides it from everyone. The annoying part is she never listens nor even cares about much..

She later told me that she is into another girl and I think for the first time I have actually see she is capable of loving someone.

None of our friends believed it for one, she is just like a stone wall when it comes to feelings, 2nd, we have never seen her with any other person and hates anything to do with caring for something.

She says caring for something makes people vulnerable. Literally. All she has been into is diving into fun all her life and that’s it.

It hurt a lot because with this girl, it so different and the bond they have is just way beyond what I would exist in this world let alone from someone like her.

Seen her say and do things I have never thought she had it in her. But every night I know she is out there doing things I can’t really speak of. I hardly get sleep rather stay up hoping I will get to see her again safe and alive.

Am still her close friend. But thing is that I have really tried to get over her but it happens that as much as I have tried even to have a girl and even a guy to have sex with, no one gets me there like she ever did, not just sexually but in two years finding it hard to be with anyone else..

The girl she is with, they aren’t really together and it makes me think maybe I can have her back. Being in the same campus with her too makes it harder getting over her.

Being close with her despite knowing it really endangers my life makes me still love her deeply. I hate to see her with someone else.

Her leaving has affected me in ways I never thought it would and that includes my sexual life and it really sucks?

Alvis Ice
Author: Alvis Ice


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