Scared of Resetting My Virginity @21

Hi admin. I joined this channel today and I really liked the idea of confessing anonymously. I think it may give me relief.

I’m 21 years old college student. I spend most of my childhood only focusing on my education but Unlikely I’m Virgin.

Don’t get confused I’m boy. Crazy huh?? It is not that I didn’t get the chance but the moment I start thinking about starting relationship with a girl there is some kind of repulsive force which comes out of me.

I know it is buzzard way of saying but that is how I feel. Actually my problem is deeper. I don’t want to talk to anyone or anybody except for my families.

I am always scared to meet new people. And when I found out about this channel since the confession is anonymous I felt free to share my pain to the rest of the world.

I really hate being alone and at the same time I’m scared to meet new people. I always wish If I were normal like others and that is it.

No friend…no girlfriend just me, myself and I


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