Savanna Circuit Tech embraces AI to cut post-harvest losses 

    Savanna Circuit Tech a Kenyan company that manufactures and distributes last mile non-refrigerant solar-powered milk chillers that can be placed on any means of transportation, from motorbikes to trucks has been named Cisco Problem Solver Challenge winner.

    “In Kenya, 70 percent of dairy producers are smallholder dairy farmers, and one million people work on these family-run farms.

    These smallholder farmers produce 5.3 billion liters of milk each year, 30 percent of which goes to waste.” Says Emmastella Gakuo, one of the co-founders of Savanna Circuit Tech.

    “The milk goes to waste because it takes a lot of time to get it from the point of production to corporate chains that assist with marketing and selling it.

    The transportation can take up to five hours using animal transport, bicycles, or people walking from their homes.”

    Through the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies, Savanna Circuit Tech’s Dairy Management Systems ensures that dairy businesses – whether farmers or distributers, efficiently cut on post-harvest losses whilst maximizing its profits.

    Percy Lemtukei, the other co-founder to Savanna Circuit Tech, grew up around dairy farmers as well as other forms of farming.

    “I saw what these farmers go through, working from dusk to dawn, only for their produce to spoil, or, in some cases, not getting the full value of their product.” Noted Percy.

    “I met Emmastella at university, and we were discussing how most of these dairy communities work hard, but see little profit.

    We wanted to use the knowledge we have academically, and our connections in the supply chain, to make the world a better place. That is how we came up with Savanna Circuit Tech.”

    Emmastella and Percy state they wish to use their $100 000 Grand Prize money in strengthening their business by acquiring novel talent and equipment for their new manufacturing facility.

    You too, can be the next innovative problem solver within your region. And once you do, we, at Cisco, will be ready to shine a light on it!




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