Safaricom apologies and advice to its customers

    Safaricom apologies for the occurrence happened to Leon & regret the inconvenience.

    Note that a line can be active for a maximum period of 3 months without topping up. After the first 3 months of inactivity, line gets suspended (irrespective of the airtime, mpesa or Mshwari amounts in it).

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    At this stage you can’t make a call but you can receive calls. At this point you can reactivate the line by topping up, either through sambaza from another line or via mpesa.

    In case you do not top up, after another 3 months (totaling 6 months) of inactivity, both incoming & outgoing calls get blocked (again irrespective of the money in the line).

    Beyond this stage, line cannot be reclaimed back & recycling process of the line begins & it is finally resold to a different customer.

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    Any money in mpesa, mshwari or KCB-Mpesa accounts is transferred to a Suspense account & can be claimed by visiting a retail shop & fill a claim form.

    We advise you install WhatsApp in your current device & change the number. Once you do that, it will stop working in the phone of current user & WhatsApp transferred to your device.

    From @SafaricomPLC ?


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