Rules of football when we were kids

1. The fat kid was always the goalkeeper. ?

2. The owner of the ball decides who plays. ?

3. The one who is not picked was responsible to fetch the ball when it got out of play in order to play the next game. ?

4. When the owner of the ball got annoyed, it’s game over. ?

5. When you hit your toes against a stone and you noticed blood, you quickly cover the area of injury with sand as a form of first aid and play continues. ?

6. You can’t dribble the owner of the ball too much, this may lead him to stop the game by taking away his ball. ?

7. No offsides and there was no referee.

8. There is foul only if you fell and plenty of dust arise. ?

9. The two best players can not play in the same team, so they challenge themselves and pick others. ⚽

10. If you are chosen last it means you are not good and you will remain in defense. ?

11. The best player is always in the same team with the owner of the ball. ?

12. To distinguish the two teams, one of the teams pulls off their shirts. ?
13.There is always a house which when the ball fell in there, we knew game is over. So be careful!! ❌

14. Game will only be over when it is dark and we could barely see the ball. ?

Then, we all disperse in groups teasing one another until we get home to face another punishment by our parents. ????

Kai??? I really enjoyed my childhood. If you are not one of
us as described above, you belong to another generation?

Keep fit and remain blessed.

Elves Delz
Author: Elves Delz


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