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Robert Bulale: The battle belongs to the Lord

So I waited for the president to give his speech before I put up my post ..Now that the country is opened ..I owe it to family, friends and people I love this information.

Above all, everything we go through Is for Gods glory..

Last week Wednesday I(after recording an FB program that airs of Fridays)was struggling to breath and rushed to Nairobi Hospital where I was tested for Covid-19 (the doctor in the PPE was the most intimidating thing at that moment) 24 hours later the results were out…

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The doctor walks in to the isolation room and she says “Hello Mr Burale your results are out,” and I reply “So I can go home” ..she says, “Unfortunately you have tested positive for Covid and we have to now take you to the isolation ward.”

A lot went through my mind …I was scared….I got angry….I was devastated…Then I worried for my daughter (thank God she is perfectly okay)…


Well Ladies and Gentlemen, still in shock, you are taken to a treated lift. It opens for you and you are briefed, “When the lift opens you will find somebody waiting for you” and I find a gentleman dressed in the full PPE…(this I only see in movies )…Kudos to Nairobi Hospital.

He immediately calmed me down and walked me to the bed…..As I walked through I saw grown men fighting for their lives …I was scared …VERY SCARED

For two days I fought for my life under the great care of the Doctors and Nurses at Nairobi Hospital….I saw the Hand of God…My progress is good ..My vitals are responding well…


FOR anyone who thinks this thing is a joke ..May the Lord have mercy on you ..I gathered courage and called a few people who have tirelessly prayed for me …and sent encouraging messages ..

Please guys be careful…Where did I get it ? Your guess is as good as mine …I wish I knew..

I have seen the Doctors and Nurses work so hard to keep people alive …Please remember these frontline warriors in prayer ..Encourage them…


The food is served wrapped securely….Opening your food to eat is like opening a bank vault and for a Luhyia like me, Time is of the essence..Visitors strictly not allowed….This is my first taste of power …Security is as tight as that of the president…
Please be careful..

The battle is the Lords ..We shall overcome. I humbly ask for your prayers. I shall stand and testify. May the Lord have mercy on All of Us.

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Please the responsibility is now on You and I …stay safe.

Sadly,despite all this efforts to warn Kenyans about the pandemic, Kenyan on twitter and other social media have not spared him or even believe his story.. below are some comments after his video online..















[12:37, 7/8/2020]  I was almost buying this story
Until I engaged a doctor on Covid19 facts

[12:37, 7/8/2020]  However Covid19 is real,though some people are out on scaremongering business

[12:37, 7/8/2020]  Governments need to cease from these cheap, celebrity baiting, PR Covid19 stunts if they want people to be more careful. Huku vijijini wanasema Corona ni ya mabazenga na mpango wa kukulia dow ya donors.

[12:37, 7/8/2020]  Been following a Zambian fb page. Guys they have moved on. No masks. The fear is long overdue. Life has more things to worry about than a sensationalized virus that might have developed herd immunity by now.

By the way have you ever wondered why chokoraas and mad people are hardly sick from diseases affecting normal people?

[12:37, 7/8/2020] : By the way bro, I’ve not heard of chokoras getting infected or dying from this thing. Could there be something we are missing?

We want a world that works for everyone and we believe technology and innovation can move the needle in eradicating racial and gender discrimination against right to information, cultures and tradition as well disseminating accurate information as we receive as well making the global, one family of information gathering, sharing as well helping one another.


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