Religiously, we can’t have sex unless we are married

Hi, hide my identity. I just want to say I love this channel so much and I think it’s really helpful channel since we have no one to judge in this channel……

So my confession is that I am a girl age 21 and I have this amazing friend that I love. We met by Facebook but we know each other well by now.

Few weeks ago, he told me that he has a masturbation problem which he can’t stop and he just want to have sex chat with someone he trust (he can’t make sex with a  girl because in our religion, we can’t have sex unless we married)

I got surprise of what he said but because he is my friend, I decide to help. So he introduced me to this sex chat world which I didn’t know; sending each other nudes pictures and videos stuff.

It was so crazy stuff we did. It’s not that we liked each other and stuff, it’s just that whenever we got horny, we do it…

Later, I felt guilty and told him that we should stop. He got emotional and started to say that he felt connection between us and he started to trust me so I don’t know what to do.

He want to continue and every time he ask me to do it, I just get defeated and end up doing it. so I don’t know what to do. I need help



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