What would recruiters find if they check your digitally profile?

As a job seeker, you need to know for a fact that employers are vetting you right from your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn has proved to be really effective for employers to carry out their vetting process, and virtually all modern-day recruiter makes use of LinkedIn during their selection process.

But here is a question you need to really ask yourself, what would your potential employer find out when they check you out?

Have you invested quality time to make sure you leave a strong impression here on the LinkedIn platform? Would a profile view end up in an utter “disappointment” or a possible “appointment”?

Don’t just open a LinkedIn account because everyone has one, and so you feel you should have one too. All the effort you put into your LinkedIn account leaves a ” Digital Footprint”, and this digital footprint would determine who you really are in person.

If you say you are a professional, then let your LinkedIn account reflect it, your overall interaction here on the #LinkedIn platform is who you really are.

To improve your activities on LinkedIn, think of yourself as a brand, then ask yourself how well are you promoting your #brand?

Market yourself as a product.


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