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What would recruiters find if they check your digitally profile?

As a job seeker, you need to know for a fact that employers are vetting you right from your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn has proved to be really effective for employers to carry out their vetting process, and virtually all modern-day recruiter makes use of LinkedIn during their selection process.

But here is a question you need to really ask yourself, what would your potential employer find out when they check you out?

Have you invested quality time to make sure you leave a strong impression here on the LinkedIn platform? Would a profile view end up in an utter “disappointment” or a possible “appointment”?

Don’t just open a LinkedIn account because everyone has one, and so you feel you should have one too. All the effort you put into your LinkedIn account leaves a ” Digital Footprint”, and this digital footprint would determine who you really are in person.

If you say you are a professional, then let your LinkedIn account reflect it, your overall interaction here on the #LinkedIn platform is who you really are.

To improve your activities on LinkedIn, think of yourself as a brand, then ask yourself how well are you promoting your #brand?

Market yourself as a product.

We want a world that works for everyone and we believe technology and innovation can move the needle in eradicating racial and gender discrimination against right to information, cultures and tradition as well disseminating accurate information as we receive as well making the global, one family of information gathering, sharing as well helping one another.


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