We rarely talk unless it’s urgent like pass me that or so

Hello there,i have a problem or don’t know if it’s just difference in interests im having with small bro.

I have 5 sisters who are far from home four are working and out of home but visit occasionally and I’m left with one little siz and small bro(not small though bout 18 yrs).

Problem is we never talk with bro we not in bad terms but have nothing completely of common interest, a times way back my sisters could have differences which made them fight once on a while which is normal but now me and bro have never been angry with each other cause first of all we rarely talk unless it’s urgent like pass me that or so.

My mother and family know nothing ok they don’t find it as bother ju tukiwa wote we’ll talk together as whole but when alone with him we can’t talk ata for two minutes not even about life or girls.

I really wish to have such talks with him a times but i know we can’t cause we grown ups already, we sleep in the same bed but we never talk,like he comes mostly get me on phone and just sleep, he’s good with friends and talks sana ,i wonder why it would play silent on me anyways.

I’m not harsh on him for a fact I’d never even care if he’d surprise me one day with an exile visit but all these is nearly impossible cause of miscommunication.

I have grown being only son amidst girls i remember and when he was born i jumped up and down celebrating I’d finally gotten a life bro and friend,but we were good when young and used to play.

I’m older than him about 7/8 yrs range and i can’t tell why we can’t be fun or even just have normal talks,and i don’t hate him or have any personal differences.

Is this normal among people out there cause i have known friends who have their brothers as their very first friends and confidants but it’s too late i don’t think anything is changing soon.
Please open comments on this one,want to know if it’s a thing existing out here or I’m the only one affected


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