Being raped makes me feel so sweet, am I okay?

Hi Admin, please hide my Id? so here is my confession.

Am 28 Virgin and started touching myself like 4 years ago and it was without watching any pornography and became professional on it so I can satisfy myself very well.

The problem is that I started watching porn after some time then. The bad part is that I get very wet only when I see rape related porn which the ladies being attacked sexually.

Is that normal?? I get horny in strange ways thinking about being raped by hot guys, I get horny when I am in a hurry or get late on important appointments to go.

I wanted to stop this masturbation by trying to stop watching the videos and it has been already a month since I watched it but couldn’t stop masturbation.

Making myself cum leads me to be carless or attracted to man. It affects my life too. I remember masturbating in the office on my chair when I have a free wifi at work.

I downloaded those rape movies and when I do that there was people in next door offices. I think something is wrong with me. Why do I always think about being raped as it’s a good thing?

I want opinion please who is related with me?


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