Am pregnant and I can’t figure out who is responsible

Hello Admin, please please shred my identity. OK. I have this heavy load I carry all my life and I have never shared because I don’t trust anyone even my mum.

So this is my life after my dad died. I dropped out of school, got pregnant, gave birth to a boy and decided to try marriage but after 3 years in it, i called it a quit.

I was stressed and not happy because my husband was not just the right person so we separated.

I went into hustle, not easy, I tried??but poor me, I had it rough ..I have been in different relationships but non work because of my temper .

Am a loving person ??but I get the wrong people. I have no parents but was raised with a step mum. So I decided to go stay with her and try out there .I met a guy we knew each other ..but I lost interest in him but still communication kept on.

We had sex and all that. Later, that month I met this guy so handsome, he is exactly what I have ever wanted; humble and all that… and I was ready to settle with him.

But my happiness is short celebrated: am pregnant and I can’t figure out who is responsible between the two ???

I am just in a mess or maybe cursed ..I just want to settle and have a family but karma gets appearing ??



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