Prayers helped me stay alive to date


I was dating this man several years ago that I really loved. He was an IT Guy, very smooth and looked very innocent.

We dated for close to two years but the things that I experienced in those two years, I would never wish even on my worst enemy.

He emotionally abused me and at that time I was jobless and desperate. He took advantage of my situation.

He asked me for a loan of 80,000, that was the only money I had in my account. I gave him every single cent from my account that he never paid back.

One day he even faked an accident and said that he had hit someone and he carried him to hospital in his car and that two other men offered to go with him to the hospital.

He had my laptop that I had just bought for 70k to do consultancy jobs with. He had somehow confused me and left with my laptop after dropping me to my house.

I realized much later i did not have it with me. So he told me that they had stolen my laptop only and left his.

He came to see me the next day and the way he described the accident it was not making sense.

I look at the car and he had faked a small dent on the bonnet and because I’m a car expert, I knew there was something off but again I was blinded by love and I just ignored it.

He really wanted me to move in with him and I couldn’t. I had not started working. He really used to take advantage of the fact that I am jobless telling me that I will be useless, I will get a salary of 50,000 that will not take me anywhere and that I should just join in what he was doing as well move in with him so I can stop paying rent with the little I was getting from consultancy jobs that I was doing.

What opened my eyes was a robbery that happened where I was living. After investigations, it was found he paid off a caretaker two weeks before to resign.

It must have been a very good amount because the caretaker had worked there for over 8 years.

At 3 a.m., I am woken up by men in my bedroom and they stole everything except my clothes.

He was visiting me that night so what he did is, he lied to me he had locked the door with the lower latch and also a padlock.

So what they did, is to remove one of the glass panels to convince me that they had actually broken in.

It was the safest place to live and no robbery had ever been reported there. I called the police and he never bothered to even offer to drive me to the station all the days that it took.

I knew I had to break up with him but I needed to play smart. One of my friends got me another place and I moved without telling anyone including him.

He stalked my family and friends for information. One day after about 3 months, he called me with a different number that he wants to meet and talk.

I felt a chill run down my spine and I knew if I go to meet him, he was going to kill me. I could feel it. Prayers helped me stay alive to date.


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