Pastor Heckled And Shouted Down by his own Church Members

One Pastor Was Heckled And Shouted Down by his own Church Members when he Digressed And started Drumming Up Support For the Unpopular BBI Hossana Document.

Hypocrisy is when Unthinking Governors Support the BBI Hossana which Purports to Increase the County Revenue Allocation From 15% to 35%.

Now, if the Government that Is Pushing For the BBI Nonsense has Failed to Maintain the 15% Disbursement to Counties, how will the Same Government Disburse 35% of the Revenue Allocation to Counties?

“It is quite unfortunate that some of the leaders given the mandate to spearhead BBI campaigns are the same people with pending corruption cases in court.

They will fail President Uhuru Kenyatta and the document, however, good it may be, might end up being rejected in this Mt Kenya Region,” said Bishop Johanna Ndirangu from Bible Truth Israel Church.

Author: Correspondent


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