On the national issues

For the last two days Raila Odinga and his bridgade of Kamanda, Junet, Owino, have been on a whirlwind tour of Turkana county in the absence of County’s leadership.

They invited themselves there, talked to themselves, clapped to themselves and thanked themselves for going there.

But today the team met face to face with the leaders of the county led by Governor Nanok and these are issues they told the visitors:

1.We are against capping of per capita income in revenue sharing formula. We will stand with those who stood with us in the revenue sharing formula and oil sharing formular;

2. We have held several consultative meetings about BBI across the county and this is the message; give us Multiple choice referendum to separate the wheat from the chaff;

3. Handshake politics- We heeded your resist movement and event boycotted repeat elections but when it came to handshake you went alone. You are alone!;

4. Unfair purge by ODM in parliamentary leadership;

5. You mistreated us in ODM, that pain is still in our hearts;

6. Demonstrations and destruction of property will not happen again in this county.

7. As leaders of this County we are all united and Governor Nanok is our king pin and he will give us the direction.

Author: Correspondent


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