Of all the sounds I’ve ever heard, none is as beautiful as the cry of a newborn baby

Of all the sounds I have ever heard, none is as beautiful as the cry of a newborn baby. It’s powerful, clear and unignorable.

It’s no wonder, nature has chosen this vociferous, shrill and piercing sound-our first cry- to announce the entry of a new human life into the world.

We all begin at this superb level; with strong, bright and confident sounding voices. But, something happens as we grow older, affecting our voices.

For many, the initial power and vitality in our voices wanes. Your voice no longer attracts instant attention as it once did.

You feel ordinary and even find the sound of your own voice irksome! With no plausible explanation for your situation, you resign to the belief that those with good voices are born and you aren’t among them. But this isn’t true. You can train your voice to be strong again.

In her book Voice and the Actor, Cicely Berry lists four factors: environment, hearing, physical agility and personality, which she believes influence the sound of our voices along the way.

So, the self-consciousness, insecurity and self doubt that you experience are depended on where you grow up, how you hear and reproduce sound and your self efficacy. All these are variable.
BYMartin Ocholi (MPRSK)Media & Communication Specialist

Alvis Ice
Author: Alvis Ice


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