My man married another wife secretly, but I came to know about it

Hello Newscheckz, I would like to hear your views on my issue & I request men to be open.

My man married another wife secretly, but I came to know about it. Initially, I used to support him especially on investments but once I learnt about his actions, I withdrew my financial support, because it’s like he was using me, bearing in mind the other woman he is cheating with depends on him financially. She doesn’t work.

Now, currently he is very bitter to a point he is telling me i leave the house and let him stay alone.

He doesn’t want to be asked anything, even his own kids. He say am also working and so I should provide.

I feel it’s unfair, because he’s the one who started all this mess. Why would someone marry two women if you cant provide for one?

Again why should I assist him yet there is another party involved? Remember I have sacrificed a lot initially to a point i couldn’t buy clothes for myself and i had to keep myself away from having fun.

Please advice me on what to do as a woman, we have been married for 10 years with 2 kids.. Am 31 years old.


As a counsellor,
Marriage isn’t a walk in the park. Especially right now, so many marriages are breaking. Many getting single parents.

Whenever a woman or a man in a marriage acts differently, many are normally quick to cast stones.

All the advises here that you should vacate may not know where you have come from with your partner (note: Am not supporting any violence)

For 10year, I believe you have a mechanism of solving issues. So this ain’t the first.

A relationship issue can only be sorted by two of you.

Many times we point fingers out, how many times do we point ourselves?

Even as you may feel the need to leave, its always important to understand why his actions. Was something lacking, is it someone else’s influence, is it in genes,? Etc. REMEMBER some people’s generations never allowed them stay with one lady…..

I mean so many things to consider before rushing out.

When you get all this answers and aren’t satisfied, you can then plan to leave and stay on your own.



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