My Journal away from home (PART THREE)

How probation works


1. Do you go looking for employment when you do not need it? Not really, there must be a reason why you need a decent employment, the reason you are out their looking for it.

2. Do you need to work when you have money? Not really, we are all chasing the paper, so you get an opportunity you grab it and take care of it.

3. Do you know how many people are looking for that one opportunity you have? Well, your prayer is someone`s complain, learn to appreciate your new work.

Well, it is important to always ensure that you stay humble as long as you will need people around you to survive.

It is crucial to always be true to yourself as long as earning a living is concerned. It is always important to know your rights too, through this you will respect other people’s rights.

It is also crucial to always remember the duties you are signing up for and what your job description is.

Also important is to stay focused though being yourself and learn the culture of your new environment.

The focus will ensure you always learn some of the things you never had in other organizations.

Corporate cultures are different. The duties are well defined in some and in some it is done communally at the end of the day verses the work you all do, the balance in human resource is crucial.

Some also have been favored depending on the organization, why the favor? It is because of nepotism that you cannot do anything about.

Some are also long serving colleagues that have gained the trust of the employers, so their word will always be against you.

The image of a company is important that is what the company is seeking to protect when putting you in probation.

This time can be a span of more than as the number of days and months the employer feels fit. This probation period is always consented by the two of you.

If you are serious with your work you will hold on to making a positive impression, that will earn you a permanent space.

Remember not to step on no one’s toes, be smart and wise, remember there are many ways to kill a rat, and if worst comes to worst stand on your truth. Do not be sacred but then do not be weak.

Here are some of the mistake’s employers do at least from experience:
1. Word of mouth agreement always never works: always put the agreement on paper.

2. Be keen to study your new employee on probation, do not always believe what others tell you.

3. Always give credit where due: some always give their best but their seniors take the credit more often.

4. Do not allow yourself to be carried away by how you want your things done: probation means this new employee is learning and needs time and chances to apply what he or she has learnt.

5. Create a conducive environment: seek to also learn new ways of doing things. Remember technology is changing with time and things are also changing.

6. Know your other employees’ character: let them not be a hindrance of the other new employees from performing. Some influence at work ruin ones focuses especially where there are internal conflicts.

7. Be aware of your reputation and seek to protect it always.

8. Ensure you pay the new employees on probation; life is hard enough out there.

9. Give time and warnings whenever you feel that someone has been out of place severally.

This is just a few of the most crucial things we both should learn as long as probation is concerned, that’s why it is called probation.

Both parties either way have to always make sure life goes on whether the experience turns out to be good or bad.

A good example is always separate work from leisure, do not mix the two. You can differ in duties but in social life you are good friends. Find a balance in life and save yourself from unnecessary drama.

Remind yourself that we are all in it for success, if it isn’t heading there, then end it.
More coming soon


Alvis Ice
Author: Alvis Ice


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