My Journal away from home part 8

Group Of Businesspeople Having Informal Office Meeting

The last five days have been full of nourishment in terms of networking and having someone you share the same ideals in life.

Meeting other fellow citizens and bonding together all day, making the home food and enjoying them together.

Ruth stood out amongst them, Sam too, they have been an amazing team, with Ruth it was a connection on a business angle that later would leave me fighting my tears when she bade good bye one rainy night.

She was headed back to her work station after a series of training up and down this growing country. I hope one day we shall meet.

The culture of bonding with fellow citizens is something unbreakable, I don’t know how you take that if you are abroad studying or working or for whatever reason, meeting someone from home gives you a zeal to want to know the person and how life is treating them.

I personal, take it upon myself to want to know you more and even make a meaning full connection out of it.

Most importantly, all these you have to do it with a willing party, some do not want to be known or encourage any association, remember some people are introverts and some are extroverts, some people are running away from a bad life and will not want to be associated with history and some will be very open to having you in their friend list.

There are some of the considerations that you have to think about before going head on to someone in the name of fellow citizen with all the zeal. Let me share a few points that will help you maneuver that situation whenever you are away from your home country.

1. Your approach;

it happens differently you can never predict, personally, I had someone speak our second National language and by how the person spoke it I knew this is my fellow citizen, and I approached with a greeting in the same language, the person looked at me and was happy to see me I could see by the facial expression and that is how I started off, later the person introduced me to more fellow citizens from there I knew that person was interesting and friendly. In my case, a few have shown no interest.

2. Your Motive;

Yes, you may have met fellow citizens and approached them and the feedback could have been either, but how do you base your knowing each other abroad on, as a hustling nation you guys should be able to start mending meaningful connections or nothing.

Some people do not just want people to waste time with. People want connections for success and peace also development. Exploration and could be relationships and guidance too, especially being in a foreign land.

Also be considerate that people are always suspicious of others, and will not want to disclose much about themselves.

3. Privacy;

Most people treasure their privacy most and do not want any interference. Some are always cautious. You have to be keen on such people lest you get offended, you will think they do not want your company, but it is how they were brought up.

4. Spies;
Everybody is busy in life, some are on duty spying and spys come in all styles, some are silent while some are all over you.

In some cases such are found everywhere, because they come will all forms of shade you just have to be discerning enough not to fall for them.

5. Be Respectful;

Always when approaching someone you think you may know, always be very respectful and sharp to learn the person`s reactions.

This will help a long way in determining whether you will have a successful connection or its dead before it begins.

Use words like excuse me, am sorry, am afraid, may I ask you something? And so forth. Remember first impression matters, and lasts longer.

6. Be flexible;
The outcome might not be as you expected, be ready to get yourself out of it with humility because you are the one who actually approached first.

7. Read between the lines;

Always have that sixth sense working, know when to accommodate a conversation and where not to. Know if you are safe or not safe to even divulge some information.

With all that said and done I hope you get to live your life either way. Always remember how beneficial connections are, can be immediately or will even take time.

Always remember to leave a good impression behind and maximize on the positive connections sensibly.

Know that everyone somewhere got there through a story and a struggle or even took time, be willing to be patient.

Some of the benefits include:

1. Relationships; you could end up making long term friends, or even getting your spouse, this is because you two are foreigners in a foreign land. Most of your time if you click will be spent together and the fact that you share a solid history of home, makes it even more convenient.

2. Job Opportunities; always make sure you leave a great impression that one would want to help you get job opportunities if any in their platforms.

3. Developments; with exchange of ideas, the outcome can be as awesome as having to begin a business. Think of it as an opportunity to explore together in a foreign land but in a legal way. Yu can transfer ideas and make use of it.

4. Corresponding; this could give you a chance to always have someone on either side to make something succeed. This can benefit mutual friends and family in future.

5. Unity; you can be away from home but sure that you have created a bond somewhere that will be useful in good and challenging times.

6. Access; trust that in today`s world it is hard to get something done if you have no idea how things are done.

Having an idea on how a company runs makes your work easy and saves you a lot of time.
The next time you are new in another country be kind to your fellow citizen because the feeling is refreshing.

As for Ruth our connection has been of benefit to my work, not because we know each other, but because we do the work so well, and looking forward to more.


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