My Journal away from home part 6

I don’t know how to start todays update on how am faring on, but would just like to pour my heart out because I just survived one of the worst mares that would happen to anyone in a foreign country.

I have had good prosperous days, good and bad business times, but the best is when there are no restrictions or limits to doing business.

I have gone with my guts all through, not even threats could wear me down. This day I did prepare my mean boss on the situation on the ground and how I felt about my security.

Being a foreigner and doing it better than locals, has attracted a lot of enemies who will wish you the worst without a care of even thinking of you as someone’s child or sibling or even a parent.

I was an hour early to curfew time and guess what, I did arrange for a boda boda to take me to where I reside, only to switch his phone off that night.

I called my friend Mino who had offered earlier to help if I needed any, he came through and guess what…

Metres away towards the main road, we met a group of soldiers preying on their catch, poor boda boda rider, was lying down on the ground being searched, kicked and all sorts of cruel things being meted on him.

Mino would know better to make a U-turn that would save my life. He would speed off in the midst of me screaming and calling on Somo a friend (story for another day)who was now ahead of us and we were heading towards his direction.

I was in a panic mode and my screaming was to be able to take the pain of a bullet on my back, this was because there was an order to shoot anyone that runs away upon being requested to stop, though we heard nothing because Mino`s Motorbike was so loud, I was not sure what would follow.

Upon screaming and calling on Somo, he would start running away too with his torch in his hands, My mind was confused he was running away too…I thought Mino was heading back to my work place but no, he went passed the gate, we now reached Somo who was shocked and all I could tell him was, ruuuuuun…

Next to where we were heading was a sister company, which had rooms and I signaled Mino to just let me book a room for the night. He was insisting on making sure he got me to the residents.

That he did successfully in the midst of laughter and comforting me not to be scared. How would you not be scared if the motorbike was making all the signaling noise of where we were headed to.

Minutes later, we made it to the residents and his motorbike had to sleep in one of my colleagues house as Mino found his way on foot to his girlfriends house.

Terror would befall me the next morning when I would hear some of my collogues lead by Chandi would say they wished I would have been arrested and tortured.

This my friend is a statement I would not take lightly. I will not wish it on my worst enemy, rape, being one of the evil torture.

This will be the shortest journal, among the many, this has lead me to question my purpose over here. Is it worth it?

to be continued…


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