Murder of an American nurse

An American-based nurse Nicholas Njoroge Warunge has been murdered in cold blood together with his family in Kenya, a move that has caused investigators to act with speed to ascertain the main aim of his killing together with his family members.

Director of criminal investigations (DCI) in Kenya have already established different leads that would unravel the possible aim of the killings, with a recent land transaction being one of them and the other being an attack meted at his brother in the year 2008.

The 55 year old American-based nurse was with his family. The family was found murdered in their home in Karura, Kiambu County.

The investigations now placed under two groups of detectives from the DCI homicide; one headed by Edwin Nyuguto is tasked with handling the technical part of the investigations including crime scene analysis and dusting, while the second group will be in charge of gathering intelligence and recording statements.

The neighbors said they heard no distress calls, even as the body of the nurse was discovered to have 34 knife wounds and outside the home, an indication of whether he was trying to escape, the house keys were also missing with the doors to the house locked from inside, it is still unclear who the suspects were and how many they were and what were their intentions.

So far the only surviving family member is said to have been located to Naivasha through his mobile number which was then switched off.

The nurse`s phone has been recovered and under the cyber-crime experts for forensic analysis and three sets of footprints were mapped out, with the police not sure whether the criminals climbed through the walls perimeter.

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