Admin, it is at this point when i came to realize some of these shemales are just men who failed to get rid of their breast and that’s why they have a fully functional and normal dick but also have breasts as well.

This condition was an embarrassment to me and all through my high school and in college, i was not able to participate in any games.

Not because i didn’t have any talent but because it was the only way to keep my little secret, as participation in games would sometimes require me to remove my shirt at some point especially football which i grew to like playing before the breast started growing big.

Or use of some games kits and therefore to avoid the Shame.  I had to be an inactive student in any games all through my school life.

The crushing exercise went on through all my high school…and the challenge was finding a good place to hide and time for crushing.

There was a time i had to stop when i was in my form 4 because i couldn’t get a better place to do it.  This time, i had changed school and i was learning in a day school where i stay at home.

Being a family, it was really challenging getting time alone and since i didn’t want anyone to notice what i was hiding under my shirts…or even see me crushing my breast.

At this point i came to notice again they had begun to increase in size and I became worried and had to think for a new plan to tackle the challenge.

Then an idea crossed my mind and had to apply it. This time i decided i would wake-up at night when everyone is sleeping and go to the toilet to crush my tits! though it was very difficult times, but i had no other option and was forced to use that time.

This went on till i completed my form 4 and after the results were released, the following year, i did not manage to score good grades for joining campus, though i had performed above average.

So my Dad advised me to join a college in the second city in Kenya and study accounting, which i agreed with him. And in that same year, i was enrolled in the certificate level of accounts KATC under KASNEB Exams.

For 4years with one yearr stoppage in between. I managed to complete my CPA exams.

During the time in college, i had some good times alone as i could easily get excuse that i needed time alone to study.

My friends and my siblings could give me time alone. Also we had a separate room which i shared with my elder brother and since he was also studying far from the town, most of the time i was alone in the room.

This gave me easy opportunity to continue my crushing without much difficulty and although i could see a considerable change in size, still it was not decreasing so fast the way i wanted them to.

I increased the number of times and could sometimes crush them 3 times a day morning, afternoon and at night.

I was now a grown-up man and had begun to get worried if i would really manage to completely get rid of the breasts and become normal, though there was good progress despite that the changes were very slow and if i happen to stop; they start to increase in size again.

One day i decided to visit a clinic for medical solution if any was available to get rid of my condition. At the clinic i found a Doctor who examined my condition and asked me a few questions on how long I have had the condition and if i have tried to consult my elder siblings or my father on such condition, and later he referred me to another Doctor. This was a gynecologist, whom i visited the next day.

Upon visiting the gynecologist and explaining to him my condition, he told me to remove my shirt and examined me and after a few questions, he told me he will prescribe for me some medication but the medicine would be quite expensive for me and since i was not working; I have to get some financial help from my parents or anyone who can help me as the dosage will be for quite some months.

He told me my condition is called “Gynecomastia” and the dosage may last for at least 5 months or more to completely get rid of the condition, but i should stop the crushing because I’m just hurting myself and i can’t get rid of them through that method.

I therefore took my prescription and had to lie to my Dad that i needed some medication and i didn’t have money.

My Dad is a pharmacist by profession and he was running a local clinic in a remote town so he told me to submit the prescription to his supplier who have both Wholesale and retail pharmacy get the medicine and the bill will be debited to his account.

The drugs were expensive and when Dad saw the bill he was unhappy, and since he knew about medication he inquired why i was using the medicine.

I explained to him about my condition but he never asked to see my breasts, however he stopped me from getting the medicine through his account so the next time i visited the pharmacy for my second dosage, they told me I’m not allowed to take medicine through the account without a written note from my Dad.

Back to my Dad he told me you should have dealt with that problem when the breast first started to grow on my chest, and because I did not do that as a man, then i should carry my own cross to heaven.

That’s when i realized I’m finished and i will die being a man with breasts. So many questions were going through in my mind without answers as to how n when i will finally come over the problem.

During the first month of using the drugs i was so keen about any changes, but to me in that month i did not realize any significant changes, and with the restriction from my Dad i decided to call it quit from them. So i had to resume my old method of crashing.



Elves Delz
Author: Elves Delz


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