I am in love with two daddies

I think it’s my turn today, dear admin, please keep id hidden.

Today I will tell one of my regret that i have done few years back. I was lonely and in so bad situation, i met this married man in his late 60’s, he offered me all his love and everything except he won’t marry me or have kids but he will support me in all my needs.

So i took weeks while thinking if it’s right or wrong. But at the end of the day, i started seeing him. I get my gifts, money….. etc what i ask, he will do it.

After six months, i found out that he do that with every young or old lady he meet/married or not. I felt​ left out and going to the point before i started with him. I try to make myself not attached by all means but was in deep feeling with him.

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After years, his older brother came to city and he saw me at his hotel. Immediately, he started flirting. He didn’t know what’s going on between us, he asks me out for fun just between us and i didn’t knew what to reply; he is also married.

While thinking for an hour, went to his room because his brother tells me to talk to him about lunch and where can we travel over the weekend. So he can see around city. He started talking deep and telling me all the words that melt down my heart.

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And we started kissing and had sex. when i left the room, i was so fucked up. He started calling, looking me different, comments about my cloth and…… his brother ask me what’s going on, But manage to show him the feeling is only from his brother’s side.

We continue all things but he didn’t know about his brother till now. thank you so Much Admin till next confession take care.


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