Lionel Messi explains why he has been with one woman all his Life

“I started dating her at very young age. She always showed interest in me at high school.

I was not a tall or well-structured man, but to my surprise, this lady was only interested in a Guy like me. We had a lot of other Guys who were from better families than me, yet the Lady just loved me.

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After every football training at school, she always wanted to share her lunch with me. I asked her what do you love in Life? , she didn’t hesitate to reply “I love future and Lionel Messi”.

After her response, I couldn’t contain my smile. We started dating, i mostly depended on her for everything because i did not have an income but she could afford.

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I signed my first professional contract and more girls started to recognize me, but my mind was always to keep the woman who took care of me back in tough times.

Today’s life is dangerous, you would be a Superstar and date woman who will just come to clean you to bankruptcy, and at times, they go as extreme as to accuse you of rape.

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I love the lady am with, I am successful because she never laughed at my disability but she supported me together with my family and FC Barcelona to get where I am today.

I Am not saying people should stay with a monster, if she is a monster, leave her to protect your health and security . ”

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Elves Delz
Author: Elves Delz


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