E-plus is a world class equipped service that safes lifes on the go. Responds expeditiously to ambulance calls and provides effective, efficient and advanced emergency ambulance services.

“It was around 2003 when unfortunately one of our senior staff in Kenya RedCross Society was involved in an accident in the upper Eastern of Isiolo County and we activated our insurance provider at late evening to evacuate her from the scene of accident but suddenly they were not able to pick her. First, because it was late in the evening, secondly, they did not have an ambulance in that area or any that could have gone to where the accident have occurred.

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Also in terms of air evacuation, they could not fly because the area was not lit at night. This forced us to use one of our land cruisers’ ambulance then, which was just a vehicle with a siren and a stretcher; to go all the way to evacuate her to Nairobi Hospital. She was admitted at the hospital for months with multiple fractures and injuries.

It is at this point that we said; we are “RedCross” and we are there to elevate the human suffering among the vulnerable in the community and if we cannot safe our own, then this is not a good thing. It is from that time that we started thinking and looking for medical services care in the country in terms of evacuation.” Mrs. Susan Ng,onga, the E- plus services Managing Director, gives a bitter flashback that not only, almost costed the life of their staff but also prompted them to think out of the box in terms of Medical evacuation and insurance.

“We started to work with our partners in the International Federation of Redcross in Dubai to come up with ambulances of international standards in the form of basic life support and advanced cardiac life support,” she added.

These are state of the art ambulances that are fully equipped with lifesaving medical equipment and well trained in advanced pre-hospital care management personnel to give care on transit while in the ambulance.

This idea came to reality in March 2010 where they started with five ambulances which were basic life support as well made them to be the largest private ambulance service provider in the country at the time. This were in terms of ambulances fully equipped with life-saving medical equipment and well trained personnel to the international standards.

Over time, the company also developed a 24 hours dispatch system centre, fully equipped with communication system and trained staff who are able to receive and respond calls, dispatch ambulances as well monitor and track their movement and allocate ambulances based on the nearest ambulance available from point of call. Dispatch centre also helps in monitoring and recording the patient condition, care and medical services given to the patient during transit till the time the patient is handed over to the hospital medics.

Dispatch centre remains the key element in running the company’s day to day activities because it enables them manage and record all their pre-hospital care on transit across the country.

Ambulances are monitored in terms of battery condition, fuel in the ambulances, medical and medical equipment in the ambulance, condition of the ambulance, drivers and crew handling the ambulance, dispatching them; monitoring road situations, traffics, security among other things for the purpose of guiding the crew appropriately.

Also all incoming and outgoing calls are seen from the communication centre dashboard, monitored and recorded for the quality management, respond and services.

In 2013, the number of ambulances grew to 10 from 5, then as E-plus service company continued impacting and touching lives, also its ambulances continued growing to 24, 32 up to currently where the company owns about 128 fully equipped ambulances across the country.

The company offers numerous customized services such as: Individual Membership that Covers 24/7 Ambulance membership for individuals in towns where E-plus has ambulances at a membership fee subscription of Ksh. 3000 annually.

Family Membership Cover provides a 24/7 Ambulance membership for a family in towns where E-plus has ambulances. It targets a maximum number of 6 family members (principle, spouse and 4 children). It comes with annual membership subscription of Ksh. 6,000.

School Membership cover provides 24/7 emergency ambulance service for students in towns where E-plus has ambulances. Ambulance service is restricted to within the school, school activities and during school hours. Although subscription might vary depending with the number of learners in a particular school, the average annual subscription is Ksh. 750 with a minimum of 100 learners.

Corporate Membership: this Covers 24/7 Ambulance membership for employees within a particular company. Membership is restricted within the work premise and sometimes within the town in the residential areas. It comes with annual individual subscription of Ksh. 2,500.

Residential Membership: covers 24/7 emergency ambulance service for residents in towns where E-plus has ambulances. Ambulance service is restricted to within the residential areas and only applicable to an estate with minimum Number of 50 families. It comes with annual subscription of Ksh.2, 500.

SACCO Membership: This Covers a 24/7 ambulance membership for Sacco members only where E-plus has ambulances with annual subscription fee of Ksh. 150 per member.

All this covers comes with added advantage apart from the access to Medical Helpline 24/7; like Unlimited emergency ambulance services, Treatment and stabilization on site, Transfer to Hospital after stabilization No age limit, No pre-existing conditions, Congenital conditions covered, Medically indicated transfers from Hospital to home among others.

E-plus ambulance service provider also sells a variety of certified first aid kits like; Personal kit, Car kit, Occupational Kit, Universal Kit and mini car kit, all fully equipped and customized according to its intended purposes. Kit prices ranges from Ksh. 1,800 to Ksh. 7,950.

In addition, E-plus also provides home based care services where a member might have a patient at home who is stable or terminal and they do not need to be in hospital but needs home based care. In this situation, we dedicate a paramedic care by deploying a nurse to take care of the patient by ensuring they are well taken care of, give them medication and injection where necessary, wash them among other duties that a nurse can do.

Through partnership, the company also runs Air evacuation for patients in different parts of the country depending with situation and topography where the client is.

Ten years of E-plus existence and its excellence performance in the sector has seen the company attaining ISO 2009:2015 certification and received second Superbrands awards nomination 2017/2018 by Superbrands East Africa; voted by consumers or customers enjoying the company’s services. Another award is Association of Kenya Insurer for road safety in 2016.

E-Plus has continued to endear itself to Kenyans due to its superior equipment, highly qualified personnel, and fast response to all emergencies. It is also stretching its muscles to other African countries like Gambia through its membership partners to expound its customer base as well ensuring they continue growing and impacting lives across the world, thanks to its successful progress in Kenya.

Subscribers and non-subscribers can access the e-plus services across the country any time,as soon you conduct them.








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