Kenya is in self-destructive mood

CS Munya has allowed Unilever and Williamson to buy our tea from Kenya farmers at $ 2.00 a kilo at the East African Tea Trade Association auction and sell it at $72.00 a kilo in the United States grocery stores.

If you don’t believe this just walk in any grocery store in any state and buy a package of Early Grey, or Lipton black tea supplied by Williamson and Unilever respectfully.

The excuse is that there is too much tea in the imaginary world market but the consumer doesn’t benefit like those of oil.

These multi-national companies which own farms in Kenya are owned by non- nationals. How damn stupid can we be when we sell our products at a throwaway price to foreigner who later sells it at a premium?

They don’t care if we could give it to them free. Where does these Kenya experts expect the country to get money from to service foreign debts?

By selling chicken and goats in Maralal? Unless someone shout sense to our political leaders and cartels, Kenya is just on itself-destructive mood.

Soon we will have nothing to count but to chew them and their loot.

Amos Kipkorir
Author: Amos Kipkorir


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