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“Whatever it is get yourself together, nothing is going to happen to us, in fact, things are going to get more better, remember that house you wanted?

Remember the Mercedes you so much want? It is all going to happen, this is a good deal and all I want is your support not a meltdown, come on Beb!” Tim kept massaging my back as I felt my tears wet his blossom.

Was the assurance what I needed? Somehow.

Tesh was offering him an opportunity he was dying to have. His business was affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, I knew he was trying his best all I did not want was for him to later loose it all.

What I know about Tesh is she means business and she admires smart principled business and results oriented persons. My question was, with her daughter around should I trust her.

This was a tough time for us, I have not been working for a while, not ever Tim kept making me incapacitated by immobilizing me, don’t get me wrong, I loved it when he gave me the go ahead to be a stay home mum and take care of Tammy and Terry, given that we also had them without a planned span of time.

He came up with a budget that ensured I had a monthly salary for my upkeep, a house budget for food clothing and our leisure and he would always pay rent, not that we are renting now, it has been six months ever since we moved in to our new home in Kilimani.

I felt like I did not deserve all these but as time went by, I learnt how important I was to Tim and how important my babies were.

Don’t get me wrong but I have always worked hard throughout my life. I always believed that a woman should stand on her own before getting married or having her own family.

I never fancied being spoiled by a man but Tim changed that in me, I almost lost him one time I refunded a huge amount he sent me, in the name of `I deserved it`. story for another day.

This time I was sure as much as I would want to trust him, I would not want the idea where he was the only source of income, this I would change on my own, and would not involve him.

Long story short, a few days to new year, if you had told me my income would be coming from the very people, I expected the least. I would have made the sign of the cross binding you.

The night was fading away, had not slept a wink. I knew I had to set some crucial things straight.

“Timo?” I called out.

I was resting in his thighs while he was rubbing my hair.

“You have never called me by that name, what has changed?” He asked, as I sat straight to make sure I had eye contact with him, as I was about to ask a very annoying question.

“Are you aware Zarah is back?” I shot that it like a bullet.

“Yes, I saw her yesterday in Voi, she was there when we were going through the requirements, and…” he kept talking.

Why did I even ask, what? So, they met? My mind kept sending evil signals, jealous feedbacks and regrets. Chei!! My mouth oooh, I was getting sick why did I even ask, I kept thinking starring at his eyes, yes, like I intended to, while my mind was busy stabilizing the feedback all I could read was his lips going up and down.

“Beb! Beb! Beb! “he was calling me and I wasn’t responding all I was doing was starring, he had to shake me back to my senses. “Are you alright?” he asked

Well, there is something about me that Tim knows, I value our talks and agreements. And he gets agitated when I appear like am doubting him.

“Zarah is back, but all we are discussing is business, this partnership is Omarion`s, she is just there to align somethings. Don`t tell me you getting jealous, I though by now you know that you are the queen in my life. “he added

Hearing that was all I wanted. Unfortunately, it’s the same thing I have watched in most movies happen. I guess my being a stay home mum was already getting into me. Well, but then I remembered the movie, by Taylor Perry Prayer Room.

Though I did not wish to go through what the woman went through, I knew I had to spend most time on my knees. I will declare and bind the spirit of any woman trying to flirt with my husband.

The next morning we were up and running, since we missed having Christmas celebrations with either of our families, we were hosting them on 29th.

I had done the major part, ordered all I needed and had asked my Mum to bring me some fresh vegetables and plenty of milk, but as usual she always carried the whole market, that’s what I loved.

My Mother-in-law is such a sweetheart, she would bring everything that is his son`s favorite. I loved her for that because I would always cooperate and make our lives easy.

Tim always stepped up whenever it came to hosting our special guests and this time, being our parents, he would not rest.

He always ensured all our conversations with our parents would be positive. No ironing our linen, not even to our parents.

Tim and I always made sure our parents visited at the same time, weird, but that was him. He ensured we always brought up our daughters around family.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, we were not ready yet, and it was too early for our guests. We starred at each other and opted to receive our guests together.

“Hey Timo, am sorry am here unannounced but we forgot to sign a document and thought why not stop by though early,” Zarah herself was blabbing at my door.

End of part four. TO BE CONTINUED….

Alvis Ice
Author: Alvis Ice


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