Then came the journey of living together officially, a new house new place together, it still had not sunk in me.

Sometimes I would be reminded by Tim`s frequent calls to know how I felt at work, sometimes he would ask what are we having for supper when am almost living work and my head would spin, like really am married, sometimes he would massage my feet and him too it was something he was getting used to.

One thing he promised, to never let my feet crack all my pregnancy, for that I would sing my song in my heart, and I became a woman in prayer, for all this to last forever.

Listening to Tim`s Mum talk about her journey and not wanting to show while she was still at home got me relating to that in so many ways. I looked at Tim and he was staring back at me smiling. He could relate too and at some point I knew this man had forgiven me.

`I married Mama T within a month because she had the same fears, she is the love of my life, she got me, I never thought she would accept me, Glory to God she has been with me and has made me the man I am, and Dad` looking at my Father, `I love your daughter, ` then to my Mum `and she is happy`

`Aaaaaaw! ` was all I could respond looking at him, my mum was so uncomfortable, her respond was `that is good, and always involve God in everything you do. `

`Dad, yes, Tim is taking good care of me, and I the same, thank you for always being there for us…` I could talk all day long but I kept it short and warm.

It was almost 11 p.m. and we had to wrap dinner up, we did pray and gave thanks for the sweet peace and togetherness, we bought a few drinks and called it a night, my daughters were already late for their bed time, but how would they know it was Christmas season.

I drove home something I loved doing when my parents were around because it made them feel proud.

`Beb, am sorry about earlier` I told Tim as we tucked the babies in their beds, he just looked at me held me tight smelled my hair. `There was nothing to apologize for we were both wrong. `

The next day was really hard for me, it was the last night around our families. I had a little spa in my home, had the ladies have their massage and pampering as the men went off for their business their shift would be in the afternoon.

A few minutes later I got myself busy preparing for a smoothie when someone knocked at the gate.

`Hi good morning Ladies I could hear him talk outside. Is Tim around, he asked`

`Eeeh! My son have a sit Tim is around, Mama T! ` My mother in law was calling.

`Hi, welcome` I rushed out with the kitchen apron and the towel rubbing my wet hands, `How can I help you? ` I was curious I had seen this man somewhere, and was trying to recall where.

`Hi Laleti, thank you it has been a long time` He said

`Zeddy`s husband, what? Mile! what are you doing here, it has been ages, where have you been? Where is Zeddy? ` I had a lot to ask in a short time.

`She is great, it is good to be here and know that we are finally going to reunite, that is why I came over, wanted to go through this new contract with Tim` Mile was giving me new information I was not aware of but was silent enough to hear it all.

`Omarion is opening a new business, and we need to know what we are signing up for`

It was not a secret anymore and both my mothers were there and wanted in on the story, sounded juicy I tell you.

Apart from Tim saying he had found a business partner he did not fill me up on the fact that he was not alone, people I worked with before were in too, and the fact that there was a contract got me confused.

To my understanding, Tim was a business partner, but how come Mile was here to discuss the contracts, it sounded as though they were both served with contracts, I needed to understand.

Mile, was Zeddy`s boyfriend for like forever, they were on and off and they used to get into each other’s nerves in the office back then.

Even in between the to and fro Zeddy knew that she loved Mile dearly and would always prioritize him in any given special occasion.

First, it was the office nuisance that got us knowing they were going to one day be with each other. Secondly, none of them would speak in the office if the other was not there and this made the office very boring.

Although we never took Mile very seriously, he liked joking a lot, but he would pull in more sales in business than all of us, at least there was the good part of him.

He was the party guy and the relationship between Zeddy and I got me giving him another chance in my social circle.

I thought who is this that my friend was so madly in love with, why can`t I get to know him better.

The most amazing thing about him was that he loved Zeddy through the drama they were in. One time Zeddy was so addicted to wanting to date the white guys from America and Europe, she even broke up with one online and got into it with one guy from Canada, called Selsi. This one was handsome and very in love with her. The used to exchange photos of all types.

Running a Facebook page with lots of secrets away from Mile was what she managed until one time they both were drunk and decided to never keep anything away from each other, mind you, Zeddy thought it would be something she was able to hide.

…continues part 14


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