Relax, I meant they have been waiting for me to bring a wife home for a long time. ` Tim assured me that it was all about the good side not the negative.

That same evening, I broke the news was the eve to our first date in the city after the messy safari rally encounter, at least it meant something to us.

We sat down talking for a while on how we would want to break the news and to whom first and even pictured how each person would react.

`I know my parents will be surprised, but we were not going to tell them first till when you have met them and taken me officially, promise? ` I had to let him promise.

`Anything for you, you are all mine` he said tickling me as he slid back under the warmth of our bed.

I massaged his head and he fell fast asleep, I was thinking about him as a man, as my own man, and the fact that he was going to take up all my responsibilities, was he going to make me happy, was he going to fulfill me, was he the right choice or was I making a mistake? All I knew was that I was happy with him and was willing to start forever with him.

I felt blessed to have him, because marriage was a privilege I always thought was never going to come my way.

I had given up on ever having a man to love me, despite my standards, my beautiful soul, my hard work and my visions.

I felt like I had to find a way of living life on my own, loving my nieces and my nephews because I thought I would not have my own song.

I remember giving my love and support to my sisters whenever I could help, I would visit my sister`s house and beautify it as though it was mine, just to feel fulfilled in my heart, because I thought such blessings were not coming my way.

I remember, taking my sister`s son to catch a bus to school and feeling so much joy, because I did not really think I will ever do that to my own child.

Talking to my best friend about the hurt I felt inside whenever I would be haunted by the why don`t I have such like so and so.

I remember telling her how I had no idea what it felt like to be in a relationship. What it felt to be given gifts or surprised during birthdays.

God bless her soul because she did all this given that my birthday falls in valentine`s day and she had a relationship and a role to play that day, she always told me she did not care, but dip inside she was sacrificing for me.

I remember cautioning my guy friend not to fight over land with his brother because we will leave these things on earth, but he said he was doing so for his kids sake, what did I know about the kids future, I thought.

I was so far from thinking such blessings were ever going to come calling my name. God had changed all that and was doing everything for me.

`You need to go back to sleep, please rest, you can do all this tomorrow it is a weekend. ` Tim was whispering with his sleep lazy voice.

Tim treated me like a princess, having breakfast in bed and a lot of love making, the whole weekend, we were so happy, we upset each other and cried together too because it was too much to digest.

I normally am impatient and like doing this there and there, so I admit I caused Tim a lot of pressure.

He was acting relaxed and happy he did not see the reason why I would be worried about my baby growing in me before we had our engagement. He just was not getting me.

`You know, I really can`t wait to have the baby in my arms` Tim was at it for a million times, `I do not know what to expect, a boy or a girl? What do you expect? ` he asked me.

`Beb, Gods blessings are not chosen, am all open to receive either a boy, a girl, twins, triplets, my arms are open` was my response, even though I had not given enough time to the thought.

`Twins? Or triplets? Are you sure? ` The conversation went on and on

Within the next three weeks we both had visited our families, and no we did not disclose that we were expecting to anyone, but I had told my best friend D, and the rest would read between the lines, but my Mum was always very inquisitive. Even though, she never discovered.

Tim was very supportive he made those days very beautiful and all a girl could dream of. During our traditional engagement I thought I would not stop crying.

My sisters would always mock me for crying even tears of joy, but that was how I expressed overwhelming emotions.

I have never really enjoyed my celebration like that, because I hated the spotlight being on me but here I was it was my day and no other.

Three days later, we would meet at the Attorney General`s office to tie our note before God and the Government. My parents walked me in and handed me over to Tim`s family.

…to be continued in part 13


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