I was pregnant when my husband came for me, I was very particular in what I wanted, him, and we had talked about it.

The problem is, he was scared of my parents and that almost made us fight with each other because, he was wasting time and my belly was about to show and hiding it from my mother was becoming hard, given that she had already started giving me those sharp eyes.

So one evening I went to the market and saw his friend, and I send him to go and tell him that I will disappear if he did not cooperate, I had written a long letter telling him how I will never forgive him if my parents killed me. `

Tim`s Mum has always been very straight forward, when Tim took me to see his parents that cold Saturday.

I was scared of what would happen. All I remember was I was glad Tim was in with me, I was pregnant and naïve, I wasn`t sure if it was four weeks or five, I was sure this time because I had used three test kits one by myself and two with Tim.

Well, the first line was kind of not that clear and we both doubted, the next one was so direct, I was pregnant.

Tim`s reaction about it was not serious at first, and he made me smile because that was all I could do.

I broke the news to him after a very vision filled discussion. He was talking about his investments, what he wanted to do for a long term goal and his short term goals.

I remember listening to him, looking at him and questioning myself whether it was the right time to break the news, he noticed and asked what was wrong.

`Tim, it`s really sexy to see you talk about your plans for the future, I really am in full support of you…`

`…what is the meaning of this, am talking about us, come on, do you think I would be saying this, if I did not have you in mind. ` Tim was quick to interject and his face was starting to show displeasure.

`I am truly happy for you, however, I do not know how you will take this, I will be alright by any reactions you will have, as for me am not turning back` I said holding his right hand and massaging it in between my two hands.

I really was trying to be strong, I knew it was a make or break moment, I was not sure what his reaction would be, but I was very ready to defend my baby by all means, I had studied more of a kid`s life being affected by their parents first reactions, I was keen and looking into his eyes.
`Beb, what is it, you can tell me anything, what is it` I pressed his hand and did not want him to let go not that he was, he stretched out his left hand too, looked at me. There was silence as if letting the devil pass.

His touch was assuring, that was all I wanted, he pressed my hands too.

`Beb, say it, am all ears` as much as I promised myself not to break, my eyes were already tearing, and this was not good, Tim never liked to see me cry, I tried to put myself up together.

`Tim, you are going to be a father, ` and pulled my hands out of his.

`What! what! what` he was surprised to say the least. I honestly felt like I should have been more patient and that was not the right time, but seeing him come sit close to me for a hug was a relief.

`Gosh, you pregnant! are you sure! am going to be a father? ` he was not giving me time to respond, all I knew was I was safe, this man was all in it with me, and the rest got us out of there to my house through the chemist for some kits and there it was before his eyes.

From that point I knew this man loved me, he was so excited and at the same time very concerned if I was alright with it.

I remember waking up that first night after I broke the news, I felt so hot and sleepless, at 2 a.m, I guess my excitement was there but did not know how my family would react, given that Tim was alright I knew his family will also support him.

I had met with his brother and uncle at two different instances, when we were both part of the bride and groom team during his friend`s wedding and during one Friday night I went to church for overnight prayers and he came with his uncle.

That night I decided to have a read at Mary`s song when she gave birth to baby Jesus. I read through to Elizabeth`s song too when she gave birth to John the Baptist at her old age, and remember as I told you, I was a waiting heart for long, I know I did not do it the `holy and thou way` but I knew it was God`s timing and Amen, it was.

Tim would wake up surprised at my very awake self, with a Bible, not that I never was reading the Bible, but curious as to why that time.

Tim was a good listener, and so I told him about how blessed I felt already, to have him acknowledge the pregnancy, the peace that it brought me, and how happy I was, I wanted to sing my own song.

`I know Beb, I just do not know how my family will react, especially my Mum` He said, with a sleepy worried face trying to sit upright in bed.
`What in the world do you mean? `

…continues in part 12


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