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Journalism is not a crime. Stop the killings

Ethiopian authorities arrested Kenyan Journalist Yassin Juma in connection with Jawar Mohammed who is the owner of OMN media on last week in Addis Ababa .

The family of the Journalist here in Nairobi crying for help to know whereabouts of Yassin Juma .

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Based on my contacts in Addis Ababa Yassin Juma has been arrested on last Friday from the House of Jawar Mohamd during the search of his house by criminal police investigators then taken to Wonjele Miremera known as 3gna Police station.

Although Jawar has been taken to court Yassin Juma still Uknown to be arranged in court .

I know Yassin Juma for more than a decade as a good friend and as well as a good colleague.

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The political crisis in my country Ethiopia shouldn’t victimized my friend which he doesn’t deserve it at all .

I call up on Kenyan Governments friends of Yassin Juma , Journalists and Human Right groups to intervene in this crisis to secure the freedom of Yassin Juma.





Journalism is not a crime



Calyx Mugandehttps://newscheckz.com/
Calyx Mugande is a writer and freelance.


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