By Frank Juma

I have always read scary comments from ignorant people who lack facts of what Orengo did in his 18 year Tenure as an Mp for The greater Ugenya which was later divided into Ugunja and Ugenya.

ORENGO is not a showy Type who tells the whole world “I DID THIS”, but the truth is that with the small unreliable 30 million Moi regime Orengo used to get, he used it very well to serve the people of Greater Ugenya, we can never compare Orengo with the current legislators who receive 135 million per year and do white elephants to gain Kickbacks.

James depended on Friends, Harambes and the meagre 30 million from Moi regime which was awarded based on how best you could Booty lick the regime.

Lets See what Orengo achieved for 2 Constituencies in His 18 Year rule interms of Revolutionising Education and Health Sector.


1. Ugenya High School which is a National School was championed by JAB, as we speak there is even a Dormitory named after him in that school in appreciation of his role in building it.

2. Ambira High School Social hall, Orengo joined hands with the steering committee and ensured funds were solicited to see the Hall done, Water is nolonger an issue in Ambira cause of Orengo.

3.Ralak Girls Administration Block was championed and pushed by JAB till completion. Orengo went further to see 3 classrooms built in the same school.

4. Nyalenda Primary School Administration Block was done and dusted by JAB.

5. Ugunja CDF offices that houses the team that ensures Your sons and daughters get bursaries was done by Orengo.

6. Orengo attended many Harambees to schools built all over Ugenya and Ugunja during his tenure, inviting able friends and seeking donor from international investors.

7. Orengo ensured St Pauls Sigomre had a modern laboratory to help students do their experiments, that saw an improvement of perfomance in Sigomre.


1. Ukwala Health Center is Orengo’s achievement, He pushed and ensured it was done and he has continued to be a BOARD MEMBER to date of that hospital.

2. Orengo patnered with Private investors to see MATIBABU HEALTH CENTER established, Matibabu to date ensure proper health delivery, Orengo is a board Member of Matibabu to date.

3. Ralak Health Center is Orengo’s initiative, it was a success cause of him.

4. Simenya Health Center saves lives to date cause Orengo saw the need to develop it.

5.Ambira Hospital wards were done by one James Aggrey Bob Orengo.

Those are just but a few of the few Things done by JAB, Tukumbuke kwamba MGALLA ATA TUKIMUUA, HAKI TUMPEE.

Frank Juma, aka Political Scientist and Administrator.


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